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Laser Printer Repairs in Birmingham

New Policy July 2012. We are NOT accepting new customers for Printer Repairs.

We charge a diagnosis fee just to look at a printer, and we do not repair inkjet printers.

We do not sell printer parts, toners or drums. The parts we have are for our technicians' use only.

Our Plotter Repair service is for existing customers only. Sorry, no new customers for plotter repair at this time.

We only service business quality laser printers owned by businesses. No printers designed for home use.

We repair and maintain many brands of laser printers, thermal printers, and plotters for business customers (sorry, no individuals).

We make house calls to fix your laser printers and plotters. Please call us at 205-251-5966 to schedule a technician.
It is indeed much cheaper for you to bring your laser printer to us for maintenance, because you can benefit from our Omnibus Diagnosis service.

Our technicians are Brother and HP certified.

No Maintenance Contract is Necessary to Hire Us to Repair Your Printer!

We Repair Most Brands of Laser Printers

We Repair These Brands of Laser Printers
  • HP
  • Canon
  • Brother
  • Zebra
  • Panasonic
  • Konica Minolta
  • DELL
  • DataMax

Save the Planet! Repair and Reuse Your Laser Printer!

The printers are very inexpensive today. It may be cheaper to buy a new printer than to fix an old one. We charge a diagnosis fee just to look at your printer (however it also covers one hour of labor to clean, fix or replace parts).

Many environmentally aware customers are now resisting the economic temptations and instead are thinking green. Repairing and extending life of an electronic item is more economical in the long run (you and we may not live to see the benefits), but it may be the responsible thing to do.

Types of Printer Problems We Fix

  • Paper Jams
  • Network Isolation ("Cannot Print to Network Printer" )
  • Streaks or smearing of the ink
  • Noisy Printers
  • The ink is not fusing into the paper (fuser replacement)
  • Replace fusers, drums, cartridges, power supplies and transfer belts
  • Tray or roller replacements
  • Logic Board replacements
  • Jet Card replacements
  • Firmware updates

A Color Printer Being Diagnosed for Paper-jams