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Let Us Build Your Mobile Apps!

Let the professional programmers at Lyons Computers design and develop your iPhone and iPad Apps.

We  build iPhone-iPad Apps
Let the developers at Lyons design your mobile apps.
We are located here in Birmingham.
We bring our own licenses and tools
and our pre-fab components.

We build native apps for iOS

We are located here in Birmingham AL, so you can meet with us, have a control on the costs and marketing as the app is being developed. We are familiar with all aspects of iPhone App Development, iPad Application Development, including notifications, talking to cloud servers, databases (SQL Lite), implementing Apple NewsStand, and Apple's rigid approval processes.

We bring our own tools, processes, licenses, and developer licenses to your team -- it is like building a house with pre-fabricated foundations, pre-built staircase etc. You cut time-to-market as well as reduce risks of failure.

Our App Development Process

  • Initial Consulting (Usually Takes One Hour) -- You interview us (to see if we are a good fit), we interview you (to see if can implement your idea) and determine any of our pre-built modules can be used for your app. If we decide to work together, we will sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement.
  • (Optional) Prototype Development -- if your idea is not yet funded, we recommend that you invest in a prototype to attract investors to invest in your app. We will even introduce you to a few investors who might find your idea worth investing.
  • Estimate of costs and construction of Delivery Timetable -- We will crystallize the specifications and provide you with an estimate
  • Rapid Construction and Engineering
  • Beta Testing and Submission to Apple App Store
  • Rework the App till it is approved
  • Assist with Marketing of the App (optional)

Our Our App Store Experience work for you!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Question How much will it cost to have an app developed?

Answer Each app is different, and depends on the complexity and engineering that is involved. We have developed $1000 apps as well as $100,000 apps.

Question Do you have all the licenses, hardware and tools?

Answer We provide our own hardware, test environment, iOS devices, developer licenses and tools.

Question Will you work on a revenue sharing basis?

Answer Sorry, our business model works on making you rich, not making us rich; we won't profit from your idea. That also means you need to pay for our services.

Question The requirements have a cloud component as well as a mobile component. Can you do both?

Answer Yes! We can help you in all aspects of software development, with full support for the SDLC process. We support our own cloud platform as well as industry's leading cloud platforms (Amazon ECS).

Question My needs are large. How do you handle large software projects?

Answer We follow established software development processes to reduce risks and improve the quality of the work product. You will get a one contact person and the complexity of managing the project is handled by us. Internally we use Agile processes that work very well for continuous delivery.

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