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Frequently Asked Questions About Websites

Question How long have you been in business? How many websites have you developed?

AnswerWe have been in computer business since 1976.
We have been building websites ever since the Web emerged in 1994.
We have built thousands of webpages, and more than ten very large websites.
We know how to build a website that can attract millions of customers.

Question How much do you charge for a website?

Answer We can build you a starter website for $799 (that includes web design, web hosting, email hosting for one year).
Of course, the price is dependent on the features and complexity of your website and your business.
Some websites can cost millions of dollars to build.
We also offer a Poor-Man's-E-commerce Solution and a sophisticated web based self-service solution (Remokon). for those who need to update the website often.

Question Who will maintain the website?

Answer  We Will! 
We will update the site, promote it and back it up and maintain it.
If you need something changed, please send change requests via e-mail or you call your rep via telephone.

Question How long will it take you to build a website?

Answer Anywhere from 5 minutes to few years. We have done both.  To be honest, a website is never finished, and always is work-in-progress, due to the dynamic nature of the web and instability of marketing strategies in the online world.

Question What industries have you worked with?

Answer We mostly work with small businesses, although we have done very large websites for retailers, universities, journal publishers, and content aggregators. We have also helped many hobbyists and info-entrepreneurs.

Question Can you help me with a blog? I need to customize WordPress.

Answer While we certainly can help you with setup of a blog, we prefer to use our own engine, SimplyBlog.
We have discovered that popular softwares also come with their own baggage. There was a time when everybody was using Then they switched to Movable Type, then to WordPress. The switches have had their own nightmares. By using our own, we are adhering to something we know and that way, your blog can be unique -- not using the readymade templates is one way to keep it unique.

Question What technologies do you use to build websites?

Answer We use our own homegrown, proprietary technologies,. Most of the software and content development is done on Microsoft platforms. For sites that require extreme scalability, we render the websites into static pages and publish them to high performance Linux and Apache servers.

Question How will you promote my website?

Answer The best, and perhaps the only way to promote a website is to build a better website. That done, we use directory listings, banner advertisements and other established best practices to promote your website.  We offer three packages for website promotion (compare SEO packages).

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Question How much do you charge to host the website?

Answer We charge $35/month or $299/year to host small business websites.

Website hosting can cost more if you have a high-traffic or high-bandwidth (video for example) requirements. Our $899 $799 Package includes web hosting for the first year.

Question Do you offer web-hosting? What kind of infrastructure do you have?

Answer We offer managed web hosting on Windows and Linux platforms. Managed means, you call us to make changes -- not fill a form and wait till the hosting company responds.  We host all our websites in high-speed servers in secure facilities (not in our offices) that are monitored round the clock. Our web-hosting prices start at $199 per year.

Question Do you design WordPress websites or WordPress templates or plugins?

Answer Sorry, we do not. But we can recommend some designers with whom we have worked in the past.