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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most common calls we receive at Lyons Computers.

Question Do you make house calls?

Answer Yes, we make calls to both business and home-office locations to fix servers and networks. All other tasks are cost effective when done in our shop.
We ask the customers to provide a safe working environment for our technicians to perform their work.
For residences, we ask that a responsible adult be at home for the length of the call.

Question What is your turn-around time?

Answer In most cases we are able to offer same day service or at least start investigation on the same day. We give priority to our existing customers (see Block of Time below) and also to the nature of the service call -- for instance, server repair gets higher priority than LCD replacement.

Question Do you accept American Express?

Answer Yes, we are happy to accept credit cards including American Express for the convenience of our customers.

We also accept company purchase orders, University or Military purchase orders, Paypal.

We regret that for first time customers we are unable to offer credit terms. Payment is required at the time of order.

Question I have lost my AC Adapter/Battery for my notebook. Do you have one in stock?

Answer Sorry, we do not stock AC adapters or batteries.

See Also: Please see our parts policy.

Question What kind of guarantees do you offer?

Answer We offer guarantees on par with our industry's standards.
On new hardware purchases, we will document all warranties on your behalf, and will contact the manufacturers. Usually all new hardware comes with some kind of manufacturer warranty.
On computer parts, we offer a "no lemon" guarantee. If your item is DOA, we will replace it.
There are no guarantees or warranties on data recovery or labor intensive jobs -- we ask for your authorization before work begins on these projects.
We also offer a "estimate guarantee" that you will never get a bill from us that you didn't expect (for carry-in customers, we will tell you how much it costs upfront).
We accept no returns. We are a professional services company that works hard for our customers. Our margins are very small, and our invoices are non-negotiable.

Question Do you buy used computer equipment?

Answer We regret that we only sell new parts and equipment and do not buy used merchandise.

Question Do you accept donations of used computer equipment?

Answer If accompanied by $25/item recycling fee, we will accept your old computers for disposal.

Many of the computer parts contain harmful compositions, so please do not throw away computers along with kitchen garbage.
Remember, the best way to recycle is to fix the computer and use it longer!
Reusing is better than recycling

See also: Our Green Initiative

Question Do you have a maintenance contract?

Answer We do not have elaborate contracts. We have just basic best practices to protect ourselves and our customers. We document all our work. We ask for authorizations before beginning work, and all our deliverables must be received by a customer representative. You can hire and fire us at any time. We encourage you to use us on a  pay-as-you-go basis.
We however have a pre-paid priority service for businesses who need it in the form of  Block of Time.

Question What is "Block of Time" ?

Answer Our "Block of Time" is like a retainer in other professional services, except that you will be charged only for time that you use up. Customers who do not have an in house IT department and need to call us for small and big problems prefer this. Please call for details.

First time customers can buy a discounted Block of Time (click to order)

Question Do you offer Remote Support?

Answer Yes. We have facilities by which we can connect to customer's network, as well as allow customers to connect to us for online meetings and remote support. However, some types of support (virus removal, or server repair for instance) are best done on-site.

Link to Lyons Remote Help Desk

Question I don't know what the problem is. How much do you charge for diagnosis?

Answer We charge $85.00 for diagnosis that needs to be paid up front.

Our diagnosis fee also covers one hour of labor, so upon opening of the computer or printer and our diagnosis, if we can fix it during that hour, there is no extra charge.

Question Do you sell RAM?

Answer Yes, however due to the enormous variety in the specifications of the RAM, we do not stock any RAM. We are an authorized Kingston reseller and can supply the correct memory for your computer if you bring your computer to us. If Kingston has the memory in their warehouse in Tennessee (we can check it for you) it only takes a day to get it to Birmingham.  We sell desktop memory, notebook memory, server memory, RAID memory and printer memory.

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