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About Lyons Computers

Lyons Computers is in the business of Problem Solving.

Our founder Tim Lyons established "Lyons Business Services" in 1976 long before personal computers were being used in business. He wanted to help local businessmen with their business equipment, so they can be more independent, self-sufficient, and profitable.

After 38 years, the goals and objectives of the company remain unaltered. Meanwhile we have seen the rise and fall of  great many companies and great many technologies.

Hardware Meets Software

In the year 2007, Lyons Computers merged with CyberCrow Inc. and started offering high quality custom app development and software services to customers. Browse our portfolio of completed projects and see if we are a good fit for your next project. We build Mobile Apps and Cloud Apps.

Our Approach to Business

  • We answer the phone, reply to emails, listen to customers, and earn a living by helping them
  • We work hard for our customers, finding out the best solutions, offering best products at a fair price.
  • "Stitch in Time, Saves Nine" -- we follow best practices in preventive maintenance
  • We treat our clients, vendors, and employees with respect and fairness.
  • We don't try to buy business. We offer no cash-backs, no gimmicks; just the ol' fashioned customer service that customers pay us for.
  • We inform of our pricing before beginning work. You'll never get a bill that you didn't expect.
  • We will never sell you stuff you do not need. We will help you even if you didn't buy the equipment from us.
  • We have significant investments in our proprietary technologies, tools, and processes. We build our own tools. We invest in our team members.
  • We follow our industry's best practices in Agile Development, Search Engine Marketing, and Disaster Recovery

Our Policies

  • Our liability is limited to replacing your equipment if it gets damaged or stolen when in our possession.
  • We handle customer's data with utmost care. Your data will not be read, shared or stored by us unless authorized and requested to do so. (Confidential Work)
  • Our invoices are non-negotiable. We require prepayment of the diagnosis fee prior work can begin on your equipment.
  • By the very nature, data recovery is a risky undertaking. While we use state-of-the-art techniques, sometimes you might lose the data; it won't be because of us.
  • We support legal, legitimate, and licensed software. Please do not call us to borrow installation CDs or break passwords from stolen computers (we get them a lot).
  • We are a professional services organization. We charge for everything; nothing we do is for free.
  • We reserve the right to apply customer payments to any outstanding customer invoices, irrespective of any payment designation by the customer. We may discontinue, withhold, delete or suspend plans, services or products to customer, including deletion of their apps, mailboxes, protections, websites and/or reclaim any products, services or plans provided to customer. A reactivation fee may apply to restore service if account is suspended or disabled.

What We Do and What We Don't Do

What We Do: What We Don't Do:
  • We listen to your problems and offer suggestions
  • We answer the phone, reply to your messages and respond to service requests
  • We take excellent care of your network, your computers and your data
  • We solve problems, with professionalism, dedication, and a sense of humor.
  • We Do NOT Provide Warranties
  • We Do NOT Sell Parts (Our Parts Policy)
  • We Do NOT Sell you stuff you don't need
  • We Do NOT Provide Free Tech Support
  • We Do NOT Repair Ink-jet Printers
  • We Do NOT Repair XBox or PS3 Game Consoles
  • We Do NOT repair iPhones or tablets