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Lyons Computers. Technology for Small Businesses

Lyons Computers & Technology was established in 1976 as “Lyons Business Services.” By design, Lyons helped businesses to become independent, self-sufficient and profitable in the marketplace. Lyons Computers merged with CyberCrow Inc. in 2007 adding high quality custom software services and app development for clients. Purchased in 2016 by Complete 3 Tech Solutions LLC (C3TS), Lyons Computers continues the mission of providing information technology solutions for growing businesses. Technology is our passion. We will continue to give thorough evaluations, sound advice on the best solutions available and develop trusting partnerships by offering effective and reliable solutions resulting in operational efficiency, productivity gains and cost savings to our clients.

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  • We will support your server and network even if you didn't buy them from us.
  • No Contracts! -- no need to sign elaborate contracts or retainer fees, yet you get confidential and professional service.
  • Quick Turnarounds  -- all our customers are businesses, who cannot afford to be without their computers or their networks.
  • Not a guy working from his garage. We have very experienced and qualified technicians and engineers on our team; some of us have PhDs.
  • In business for 38 years for a reason: our belief in providing superior customer experience.
  • We partner only with market leaders; we do not sell inferior products or unwanted products
  • No rip-offs. All our work is transparent to customers. We document all our work. We respond promptly and engage customers at every step.
  • Full Service. We maintain your serial numbers, license certificates, warranty information.
  • We can maintain and enhance your website regardless of the web hosting service that your business uses.
  • Our customers include individual professionals to largest companies in Alabama. We become an extension of your own team.
  • Learn more about us, see our pictures, read answers for frequently asked questions, read our "Lyons Safari" blog, and see if we are good fit for your IT needs.
  • See the difference between us and others 
  • We work in small, agile teams that helps keep the costs low

Lyons Safari Blog

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